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Cert 3


"I think intern experience is important for every student not only for job-hunting but also for his life. 
This novel and constructive Internship program really broadened my horizon and enriched my insight.  These Incredible things could not be measured in money."
- ORLANDO (now a Uni graduate working in Australia)




Our competitive advantage:

We train Managers - so you can be sure that an AIBI graduate has real work experience, not just practice in a simulated work environment.

The difference is enormous, as our graduates can 'hit the ground running' with fully transferable skills that require minimal fine-tuning to adapt to your own workplace.

Our Trainees

Today's young Trainees are learning in a completely different way from their predecessors. Gone is the emphasis on classroom drill and meaningless assessments - our youngsters are fully imersed in the (real) workplace from day one.

By the time our graduates come to you, they will be confident in their choice of career, and ready to fit into your workplace without the usual teething problems.

In addition, generous Government subsidies apply to SIT30713 Cert III Trainees, so if you wish to reward new or existing staff with an industry recognised Qualification, please apply now, by filling in the Contact Us form on the left at the top of the page.

Employee database

If you are in the Hospitality industry, we know that it can be extremely difficult to fill casual positions (or permanent ones) at short notice.

Accordingly, we maintain a database of graduates who may be available for work at any given time.

As an employer in our Industry, you are welcome to REGISTER to access this database. A username and password will be sent to you on receipt of your details. There is no charge for this service.









We are an accredited Registered Training Organisation - Provider Number 32055

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Short Courses

Short Courses