Two more Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs identified

Recently two more organisations Mongrel Mob and Satudarah have been declared as ‘identified organisations’ – outlaw motorcycle gangs. It is illegal for a person to enter a licensed venue if they are wearing or carrying prohibited items – this will now include items related to Mongrel Mob and Satudarah. Prohibited items, as defined in the Liquor Act 1992, include items of clothing … Read moreTwo more Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs identified

Powdered alcohol banned in Queensland

From 3 August 2018, liquor in powdered or crystal form is declared an undesirable liquor product and is permanently banned in Queensland. This means it is illegal to sell or supply liquor in powdered or crystal form, including the powdered alcohol known as Palcohol, as well as powdered alcohol contained in a capsule or in … Read morePowdered alcohol banned in Queensland

Labour Hire Licensing Act and Security Providers

The Office of Industrial Relations (OIR) enacted new legislation in July this year, that changed the Labour Hire Licensing Act 2017. If your venue employs the services of a security firm, this new legislation could affect you. Under the Act, a security firm providing a licensed premises with security staff may be classified as a labour … Read moreLabour Hire Licensing Act and Security Providers

When to renovate your premises

More often than not, renovations are completed as a “catch up” to the standard of a local competitor. Knowing your market well and what your competitors are offering can assist in getting ahead of the game and positioning your venue as the market leader rather than following the local trend. Remember your competitors are not … Read moreWhen to renovate your premises

Have you forgotten your RSA rules about MINORS?

In spite of the fact that the LAW has been changed for many years now, we still hear about Pubs and Clubs refusing admittance to Exempt Minors and their guardians, as well as exempt minors being refused soft drink at the bar. It’s no use to say “It’s our House Policy”  to do such and … Read moreHave you forgotten your RSA rules about MINORS?

Recent prosecutions

Selling alcohol without a licence In Maroochydore Magistrates Court in May – two licensees were penalised and convicted for selling liquor without a licence and supplying/allowing the consumption of liquor at an unauthorised time. The Magistrate said that licensees have a public policy obligation to comply with the conditions on their licences and therefore a … Read moreRecent prosecutions

Support Responsible Gambling Awareness Week at your venue

How does your gambling stack up? This is the question OLGR is posing to Queensland gamblers during Responsible Gambling Awareness Week (RGAW) 2018, which is being held from 30 July to 5 August. Every year RGAW aims to encourage gamblers to stay within their limits and highlights support available to people who feel that gambling … Read moreSupport Responsible Gambling Awareness Week at your venue

Signage that licensed venues must display by law

OLGR would like to remind Licensees that under the Liquor Act 1992, they must display the following mandatory signs on a conspicuous part of the premises: Liquor licence/permit details Also read Liquor guideline 14: Particulars to be displayed on licensed premises. View RAMP sign This sign advises patrons of their right to see the venue’s risk-assessed management … Read moreSignage that licensed venues must display by law

Banning orders won’t solve alcohol-fuelled violence – but they can be part of the solution

The majority of initiatives introduced to tackle alcohol-related violence in Australia involve limiting alcohol service through licensing, responsible service laws, last-drinks laws, and lockouts. The option to ban people from drinking in specific premises has always rested with operators and different states’ liquor licensing laws. Several states currently use police banning orders, which focus on … Read moreBanning orders won’t solve alcohol-fuelled violence – but they can be part of the solution

New Penalty point rate as of 1st July 2018

The Unit penalty rate for offences under Queensland Law has increased to $130.55, due to the CPI increase applied at 30.06.2018. Remember that the fines for offences calculated under the new rate apply if you are taken to court. In most cases, such as  where the offence was the result of an oversight on the … Read moreNew Penalty point rate as of 1st July 2018

Ignore at your own risk!

Research by Safe Work Australia indicates that victims of harassment experience higher levels of emotional exhaustion, psychological distress and depression. They also incur lower levels of job satisfaction and work engagement and a greater desire to leave. Yet unfortunately, barely a day goes by without the media reporting about an alleged incident. While the prevalence … Read moreIgnore at your own risk!

Victoria joins the fold!

As part of the Liquor and Gambling Legislation Amendment Bill 2018, the Victorian Government expects to close a loophole that allows minors to drink on licensed premises with parental permission. A current provision in the state’s Liquor Act allows parents to purchase an alcoholic beverage for teenagers on licensed premises when it is to be consumed with … Read moreVictoria joins the fold!

NEW COURSE – Hospitality compliance skill set

HOSPITALITY COMPLIANCE SKILL SET Maybe in your current employment you no longer need your RMLV to be kept up-to-date? For example, you may be involved in a: Small restaurant which does not open after midnight Small Club with under 2,000 members Certain type of watercraft which serves a limited range of alcohol So how do … Read moreNEW COURSE – Hospitality compliance skill set