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Cert 3


"I think intern experience is important for every student not only for job-hunting but also for his life. 
This novel and constructive Internship program really broadened my horizon and enriched my insight.  These Incredible things could not be measured in money."
- ORLANDO (now a Uni graduate working in Australia)




Courses for Management

At AIBI we offer practical courses based on the sure and certain premise that it is learning plus work experience that brings employment or promotion. We train Managers in the Hospitality Industry to upgrade their skills and achieve gains for themselves and their employer in the workplace.

We are also a well-known local provider of the mandatory OLGR (Office of Liquor & Gaming Regulation) courses for Hospitality Managers (RMLV) and staff (RSA and RSG).

No time to attend Classes?

Each of us leads a time-poor life these days. Just setting aside the required time to focus on our studies is a major hurdle for most of us.

To combat this problem, AIBI offers units in Hospitality in an engaging self-study online mode. The units may be tackled in small bites as time permits, and the assessments are ongoing and automatic.

Each month there is a face-to-face workshop with students from each course to keep them on track and to solve problems as they occur.

Please contact our Director Anne Finamore for more information regarding the above, or to arrange an interview regarding RPL (recognition of prior learning) which can lead to completion of your qualification in the fastest possible time.



We are an accredited Registered Training Organisation - Provider Number 32055

Responsible Management of Licensed Venues


Responsible Service of Alcohol







Short Courses

Short Courses