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Cert 3


"I think intern experience is important for every student not only for job-hunting but also for his life. 
This novel and constructive Internship program really broadened my horizon and enriched my insight.  These Incredible things could not be measured in money."
- ORLANDO (now a Uni graduate working in Australia)





Are you 'over' your current job? Have you been retrenched? Do you long to work in a place where the customers are always cheerful? Do you want to work flexible hours? Do you want to work only certain days of the week? Or even only 2-3 days per week?

If you answered 'YES' to any of the above, then a Certificate in Hospitality may be the course for you.

SIT30616 Certificate III in Hospitality is an operations level qual, which gives you entry to jobs in Restaurants, Cafes, Hotels and Clubs. It includes the important skills of bartending, foodservice and responsible service of alcohol - all surefire pointers to a successful career.

If you are eligible, this course may be funded by the Queensland Government, under the Certificate 3 Guarantee Program. Entry to this course is by interview only. The Student Co-Contribution Fee for this Course is usually $250 - but free to recent year 12 graduates.

Other pathways may include Traineeships - conditions apply. Check out our Student Handbook for more information.

Please fill out our contact form or email us to confirm your eligibility for a Government subsidy.

If you have already been in the Industry for some time, and possess great Hospitality skills, you will doubtless be eligible to fast track through your SIT30616 Certificate III by RPL (recognition of prior learning).

Please fill out this FORM, telling us why you believe you should be entitled to RPL, and you will be contacted to arrange a preliminary interview.

SIT40416 Certificate IV in Hospitality leads to a supervisory position in upmarket companies, or in exotic locations such as snowfields, resorts and cruise ships. The more skills you bring to the job - such as a second language, or impressive cocktail making ability, the more you will be in demand, and the more opportunities will open for you. The full cost of this course is $4,500, but Government subsidies may apply.

Please contact our Director Anne Finamore to find out how to take the next step to secure your future.



We are an accredited Registered Training Organisation - Provider Number 32055

Responsible Management of Licensed Venues


Responsible Service of Alcohol







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