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Correct temperature for storage and service of red wines

Australians have spent a lifetime keeping their white wine chilled in the fridge and red wine in the cupboard or on the wine rack at room temperature, and it is no different for many of our casual restaurants and cafes

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Japanese scientists discover bacteria in hairspray

Scientists in Japan have discovered a new species of bacteria that can live in hairspray, according to the results of a study published in the March (2016) issue of the International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology. “Contamination of cosmetic

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‘Gluten Free’ food preparation accreditation program proposed

It’s no secret that the demand for gluten-free menu items is larger today than it has ever been. Coeliac Australia estimates that one million Australians are currently following a gluten-free diet, and smart foodservice operators and restaurateurs have risen to

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Craft Beer sales at promotional events allowed from 1st September 2016

The long awaited endorsement on the Queensland Producer/Wholesaler Liquor Licence to sell or supply your craft beer at promotional events, such as food and wine festivals is available. Subject to conditions, this endorsement could allow you to: sell your craft beer

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RSA – 3D Webinar Training

Are you looking for a more effective solution to the current RSA online training debacle? Are you confident of your staff’s ability to resolve common RSA-related issues? Would you leave your business in the hands of a person who only

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Changes to Tobacco & Other Smoking Products Act

Licensees should be aware that changes to the smoking laws which apply to the following areas came into effect from 1st September 2016: Organised under-age sporting events Skate parks Public swimming pools Public transport waiting points Building entrances Pedestrain malls Early childhood

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Ongoing RSA Training

The Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation (OLGR) launched an investigation after the Queensland Police Service (QPS) were called to the premises on 12 January 2015, following a complaint that people were heavily intoxicated outside the venue. The subsequent investigation found the

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Maintaining a safe environment

Patron numbers often increase during the busy festive season. During this time you should be mindful of your obligations to provide a safe environment for patrons and staff, both within and around your venue. You should also ensure staff are

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Festive Season Rules

OLGR has kindly supplied us with a rundown on the terms and conditions of trading throughout the festive season: Christmas Eve On Christmas Eve, the sale and supply of alcohol must finish at 12 midnight regardless of whether you have

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25% Payroll Tax Rebate for Apprentices & Trainees

Queensland employers who hire apprentices and new trainees are set to benefit under the new budget reforms. In keeping with it’s election commitment, the Queensland Government will grant a 25% rebate of payroll tax on the wages of new trainees

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Staff refresher in RSA – Free to AIBI clients

Are you ‘over’ having to keep your staff up to date with all the changes to the Liquor Act? Don’t you wish that someone else would do this for you (at no charge of course)? NOW YOU HAVE IT! Follow this

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Retaining customers – and gaining new ones

Ask a number of people what is meant by Customer Service and you will get the same number of different answers! When you first started the business (or started to work in the business) you had in mind that the venue would attract a certain type of

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Changes to existing Licences will take effect from July 1st 2015

As you will no doubt be aware, several changes to the Liquor Act will come into effect from 1st July this year. For Restaurants/Cafe’s: Extended trading hours for restaurant and cafe licences will be limited to 1 am.                                                    Existing restaurant

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Do you know a worthy Not-For-Profit Organisation?

New Government initiatives to empower unemployed workers will provide assistance to Not-For-Profit’s. If you know of a worthy cause that could use some assistance to implement and complete a Project of use to the community, whilst providing workplace experience and

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Incidents on Licensed Premises

You can take action to prevent incidents occurring at your licensed premises by: establishing a risk profile for your venue by undertaking periodical safety audits implementing management practices and procedures to address identified safety risks reviewing the risk assessed managed

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