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Do I need to renew my RMLV training?

There has been a huge amount of misinformation and confusion surrounding this question in the popular press, largely due to the ‘Red Tape Reduction’ initiative which applies to cafes and small clubs.  Here are the facts: YES – you DO

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New face-to-face RSA training available for low-risk venues

We are concerned at the implications for low risk venue owners under the Red Tape Reduction guidelines. Even though small venues which don’t trade after midnight are STILL EXPECTED TO ABIDE BY THE LIQUOR ACT, there is no requirement to

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Red Tape Reduction for low risk venues

Are you a LOW RISK venue? You can answer ‘yes’ to this if you DON’T OPEN AFTER MIDNIGHT and are one of the following: A licensed café A licensed restaurant A community club with fewer than 2,000 members A  small

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NEW! Fast-track RMLV now offered to our Clients

We have a big time-saver to offer our busy Clients who struggle to find time for  two-day courses. From October this year, we can offer pre and post course work to be completed at home with email support – which

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Change to RMLV delivery requirements

After years of insistance that the RMLV course must be delivered over two days, OLGR has this week revised this requirement – now allowing the Course to be delivered over a shorter period – although the requirement for 10 contact

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OLGR website to be decommissioned in September

OLGR is one of the first agencies to jump on board the Queensland Governments one-stop shop plan which aims to make government services simpler, clearer and faster for all Queenslanders. In September 2014, OLGR will decommission its website and distribute

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Safe night out strategy

New initiatives are being rolled out to restore responsible behaviour and respect, stamp out alcohol and drug-related violence and ensure Queensland’s nightlife is safe for all. The Safe Night Out Strategy ( http://publications.qld.gov.au/dataset/safe-night-out-strategy ) is a comprehensive action plan based on

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Licence Fee pay-by-installments

The annual fee for a licence is payable by 31 July each year. If 31 July is not a business day, then the next business day will be the due date. The Commissioner for Liquor and Gaming has no discretion

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OLGR Changes – the skinny in plain English

As we know, there have been lots of changes under the ‘Red Tape Reduction’ banner to the Qld Liquor Act recently.  Here they are in a nutshell: 1.      There is no need to force new staff into gaining an online

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The Red-Tape Reduction wagon keeps rolling along, much to our surprise and delight. The latest rules to apply to LOW RISK PREMISES are: Removal of the requirement for licensees to keep a register of persons trained in the responsible service

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Having trouble paying Liquor Licensing Fees?

We all know that Licensing Fees were due on 31st July 2013, and the draconian consequences of not paying these fees on time. The good news is that if you are in severe financial hardship, you can now apply to OLGR to pay

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More Red Tape reduction…

The Newman Government reforms will free Queensland’s restaurants, cafes and small community clubs of burdensome red tape. “These types of licensed venues will no longer require an approved manager to be on site if they don’t operate past midnight. Licensed

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News from OLGR

Red tape reduction boost for tourism operators The Newman Government continues to deliver on its commitment to slash red tape with the introduction of a range of further liquor licensing reforms. Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie said common sense changes made to

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New legislation affecting Queensland’s liquor and gaming industries A new Bill, the ‘Liquor and Gaming (Red Tape Reduction) and other Legislation Amendment Bill 2013’ was assented to on 3 June 2013. This has resulted in a range of changes to legislation

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Changes affecting Clubs Only

Club gaming machine licensees now have two years to dispose of gaming machine entitlements after a decrease in gaming machines, surrendering a licence or ceasing gaming at an additional premises.

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