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Is dropped food safe to eat?

In commercial situations, of course the answer to this question should be a resounding NO!  But what does the latest research say about the topic? Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey has recently published the results of research into this question. They

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Is cash leaking out through the cracks?

At a time when we are all being asked to do more with less, it makes sense to stop the small everyday cash leaks, which taken all together, can lead to a substantial drain on resources. First up – CHEMICALS. 

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Consider the advantages of an AIBI student: They are already trained in the basics of Hospitality Service They can finish their Traineeship in a year They only cost $10/hr You can have as many as you like (within reason) They

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Changes to existing Licences will take effect from July 1st 2015

As you will no doubt be aware, several changes to the Liquor Act will come into effect from 1st July this year. For Restaurants/Cafe’s: Extended trading hours for restaurant and cafe licences will be limited to 1 am.                                                    Existing restaurant

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Changes to restaurant and café licences

Trading hours Ordinary trading hours for these licences will remain at 10am to 12 midnight, Monday to Sunday, unless otherwise restricted. However, from 1 July 2015, extended trading hours for new applications for restaurant and café licences, and any new

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Solve Problems – Increase Business!

We all want to increase business – but are we willing to do what it takes? Increasing business means solving customer problems.  What problems?  That’s for you to discover through fair means or foul! Of course, you could just ASK them

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Don’t lose your best staff

The quality of the feedback an employee receives is critical to employee retention. Frequent employee complaints centre on these areas: -lack of clarity about expectations, -lack of clarity about earning potential, -lack of feedback about performance, -failure to hold scheduled meetings,

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At a glance – Simon Best’s top four secrets for success: Work ON your business – not in it. Systems are an essential ingredient to make your business a sensation. Consistency is crucial – from your strategies to your service.

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A Leader sets the goals. A Manager achieves them.

Take these tips to boost your leadership skills today: Set goals: Start by setting clear goals and timeframes for achieving them. Then create a crystal clear roadmap for your team so that every person in your team knows what has

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New Year Charity Call

If you received a new laptop for Xmas, and don’t have a place to park your old one (working or not), don’t go past our RECYCLE PROJECT. We work with disadvantaged older adults, and refurbish laptop computers before passing them on

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If I train them they will leave….

Let’s face it – Good Staff who are not developed, recognised and promoted will leave anyway. It is NOT enough to just support training for your staff and then forget about them.  People work for RECOGNITION, more than monetary rewards.

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