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Japanese scientists discover bacteria in hairspray

Scientists in Japan have discovered a new species of bacteria that can live in hairspray, according to the results of a study published in the March (2016) issue of the International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology. “Contamination of cosmetic

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‘Gluten Free’ food preparation accreditation program proposed

It’s no secret that the demand for gluten-free menu items is larger today than it has ever been. Coeliac Australia estimates that one million Australians are currently following a gluten-free diet, and smart foodservice operators and restaurateurs have risen to

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25% Payroll Tax Rebate for Apprentices & Trainees

Queensland employers who hire apprentices and new trainees are set to benefit under the new budget reforms. In keeping with it’s election commitment, the Queensland Government will grant a 25% rebate of payroll tax on the wages of new trainees

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Staff refresher in RSA – Free to AIBI clients

Are you ‘over’ having to keep your staff up to date with all the changes to the Liquor Act? Don’t you wish that someone else would do this for you (at no charge of course)? NOW YOU HAVE IT! Follow this

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Retaining customers – and gaining new ones

Ask a number of people what is meant by Customer Service and you will get the same number of different answers! When you first started the business (or started to work in the business) you had in mind that the venue would attract a certain type of

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Free RSA training quiz for our clients!

Are you ‘over’ having to keep your staff up to date with all the changes to the Liquor Act? Don’t you wish that someone else would do this for you (at no charge of course)? NOW YOU HAVE IT! Follow this

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New face-to-face RSA training available for low-risk venues

We are concerned at the implications for low risk venue owners under the Red Tape Reduction guidelines. Even though small venues which don’t trade after midnight are STILL EXPECTED TO ABIDE BY THE LIQUOR ACT, there is no requirement to

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Do you want $10,000? Hire a mature-age person!

With so much talk of funding cuts floating around these days, it is worth while revisiting an Employer Incentive from last year.  Eligible employers will receive $3000 if they hire a full-time mature age job seeker (over 50 yrs who was previously unemployed

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Employee Motivation

In the old days, we used to endlessly debate:  “How do you get people to align themselves with the goals of the organisation?” “Pay them more”.  “Give them more responsibility”.  “Threaten them with loss of employment if they don’t!”   All

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Solve Problems – Increase Business!

We all want to increase business – but are we willing to do what it takes? Increasing business means solving customer problems.  What problems?  That’s for you to discover through fair means or foul! Of course, you could just ASK them

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Responsible Service of Alcohol Marshals

Another OLGR Best Practice initiative is the introduction of the RSA Marshal position in venues where large numbers of patrons must be managed. RSA marshals have a unique responsibility to monitor patron behaviour and intoxication levels inside your venue, whilst

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RMLV to Certificate IV in Hospitality

Owners and Seniors – Have you had your RMLV for years, and worked your way up from glassie to DM? Perhaps you have owned your own venue forever, and have learnt by trial-and-error all the many pitfalls and pleasures of running

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Bullying alive and well in Restaurant-land

Unbelievable as it seems in this era of PC in everything we do – bullying can still occur even in the best of Hospitality venues. Of course, it is a bit more subtle nowdays than in the past!  And staff

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Don’t lose your best staff

The quality of the feedback an employee receives is critical to employee retention. Frequent employee complaints centre on these areas: -lack of clarity about expectations, -lack of clarity about earning potential, -lack of feedback about performance, -failure to hold scheduled meetings,

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At a glance – Simon Best’s top four secrets for success: Work ON your business – not in it. Systems are an essential ingredient to make your business a sensation. Consistency is crucial – from your strategies to your service.

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