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3-D RMLV – Watch the Video

Next time you need to renew your RMLV training – why not try our online 3-D webinar? There are many advantages to doing this fully-compliant course online, including: Take the course over several days – in smaller bites Study from

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Incidents on Licensed Premises

You can take action to prevent incidents occurring at your licensed premises by: establishing a risk profile for your venue by undertaking periodical safety audits implementing management practices and procedures to address identified safety risks reviewing the risk assessed managed

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Red Tape Reduction for low risk venues

Are you a LOW RISK venue? You can answer ‘yes’ to this if you DON’T OPEN AFTER MIDNIGHT and are one of the following: A licensed café A licensed restaurant A community club with fewer than 2,000 members A  small

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Happy New Year

As each New Year comes and goes, we make the usual promises: eat less – drink less – exercise more – improve our business. This year AIBI is going to make just ONE promise – and keep it.  We are going to give our clients more

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NEW! Fast-track RMLV now offered to our Clients

We have a big time-saver to offer our busy Clients who struggle to find time for  two-day courses. From October this year, we can offer pre and post course work to be completed at home with email support – which

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OLGR inspectors vigilant during public holidays

The Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation’s (OLGR) compliance officers are regularly out and about Statewide, keeping tabs on compliance at licensed premises. Compliance inspections continue year round, but can be stepped up during busy times such as public holidays. During

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RMLV to Certificate IV in Hospitality

Owners and Seniors – Have you had your RMLV for years, and worked your way up from glassie to DM? Perhaps you have owned your own venue forever, and have learnt by trial-and-error all the many pitfalls and pleasures of running

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RMLV/Approved Manager – confusion remains!

The RMLV training course certificate is valid for three (3) years. It is the responsibility of the licensee to ensure approved managers working at the premises have a copy of a current certificate issued by an OLGR Approved Trainer. HOWEVER – the Approved Manager’s

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